your vessel.

"it's your vessel, you get to decide what you want to carry around in it." ~harshada wagner

this morning i meditated with harshada wagner on today i began the day with some worry, some nervousness, some jealousy. as ugly as that all is, i have to acknowledge it and face it. there is something so freeing and opening about stating the embarrassing and obvious truth about your body and mind in the moment. so i breathed and i breathed, and slowly let out some of that negative stuff. my body became hollow, just totally blank and empty. then i began to choose what i wanted to fill myself with. i focused on bringing in a light cerulean blue light until my whole body felt illuminated. i breathed and i breathed again, and slowly let in confidence, trust, and love. i allowed a strong peace to fill my vessel. beautiful. today i choose to carry my strong peaceful cerulean light with me wherever i go. namaste.



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