taking stock.

happy friday! today i was inspired by my favorite blog, the daybook, who was inspired by pip from meet me at mike's! this is just a fun little thingy to update my blog with where i am in my life right now :) so here goes!

Making : clothes! ha, what a surprise, right? i'm constantly dyeing and screen printing and dreaming up new designs.
Cooking : kombucha- not really cooking. but tonight i'll probably be cooking some sort of pasta with seafood and a giant salad.
Drinking : tulsi holy basil rose tea. right this second! it's getting cooler out and i just LOVE it. winter is the best in topanga- cozy to the extreme! fog rolls in at night and burns off mid morning. we live in a cloud!
Reading: to die for: is fashion wearing out the world? by lucy siegle. most mind blowing and eye opening book about fashion i've ever read.
Wanting: our puppy! we're getting a puppy at the end of next month to be a companion and seeing eye dog to liam. we can't wait! it feels like we're having a baby!
Looking: at my 2 boys, liam and patrick, and thinking i am one lucky and blessed person.
Playing: practicing jiu jitsu with patrick. he makes me "roll" with him, and it's very funny.
Wasting: time at night. i am pretty hooked on the game 'where's my water' on my ipad. i can't stop!
Sewing: tags on clothing.
Wishing: that patrick and i would get married soon. this winter. hint hint! ;) i just wanna call him my husband, that's like the whole reason i want to do it. lol.
Enjoying: a glass of rosenthal wine before dinner after my work's done. while watching mad men.
Waiting: to order my new screen printing press and relocate my work area to this sweet open air spot on our landlord's property. it's gonna be soooo awesome and much more efficient!
Liking: minimalism and simplifying life- less on the to do list, more room for spontaneity.
Wondering: where i'll find the perfect wool for new yoga pants to sell in my shop!
Loving: my body. for real. this is the first time in my life i've begun to really accept my body and love it for what it is.
Hoping: i'll get all my work done today and not have to work too much this weekend.
Marveling: how powerful attention to breathing is. focusing on deep full breaths, and suddenly i am the most chill person.
Needing: to do a nice long relaxing yoga session today. probably on yogaglo.
Smelling: my lust solid perfume by LUSH.
Wearing: magenta purusha leggings, one of patrick's t-shirts, and a purusha hoodie :)
Following: the same 2 routes everyday on liam and i's walks and runs.
Noticing: there's a tree in our yard that acts just like new england trees. it's changing color and leaves are falling.
Knowing: that if i refuse to give up, my dreams will come true.
Thinking: of how much i have to do today. and how exciting it is to mail out orders to people. it's like being santa.
Bookmarking: the only place i could find iron & wine's live itunes exclusive EP on the internet. the version of sodom, sotuh georgia on there is the most romantically sad song i've ever heard. {http://grooveshark.com/#!/album/Live+Session+iTunes+Exclusive+EP/7067586}
Opening: my mind up to be less reactive. so not to think in habitual ways, but take each new experience for what it is- new. and it requires a new reaction.
Giggling: about how liam finds himself in weird places in the house from time to time. trapped under the kitchen table, or stuck between the piano bench and the piano. he just stands there until we solve it for him!
Feeling: grateful. so grateful. my life is really beautiful and love filled. it seems to just get better and better. 


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