changes ahead.

i have a lot of feelings right now. excitement, fear, worry, joy, confusion, dread, wonder... ha pretty much all feelings. we get to move into the new art space starting tomorrow or friday, and i feel a little, oh my gosh, well overwhelmed at it all. it's kinda nuts going from working at home for the past 3 years to leaving home and working with people again. i know it's totally different this time around. this is my business and i call the shots, which in itself is a whole other blog post. i won't get to be with liam and patrick 24/7, but i won't have to work out of such a small somewhat frustrating space like i am right now at home. i know the point of what i'm doing is to grow and turn into a "real" business, but i can't help but feel a little nostalgic this week as i screen print at the kitchen table and dye out of the kitchen sink, taking breaks to snuggle with liam and make weird jokes with patrick. within the next couple weeks i'll be dyeing out of an industrial sink and screen printing on a rotary press, with the help of some lovely new people whom i amazingly get to employ! it is such an incredible feeling to employ people. it's just... wow! it's nice :). and nadya will be sewing out of our space as well. i'm considering even having like a little factory store in our space or mini showroom. we'll see!

it's all so grand isn't it? i'm trying to enjoy it, think positive, and realize everything is GOOD (!), but i still feel stressed. there is so much change. with all these people helping me and the new space... i almost feel like i'm learning how to run a completely different business. i guess i am. will i stock inventory? will customers still need to wait for orders? i need to square away all my dyeing and printing techniques, making sure they are fool proof as i train other people. i need to set the whole place up and buy sewing machines, storage containers, and i want to make the place cute! with a couch? a fridge? some little pieces of decor to make the place feel like a home! it's a lot to think about. if anyone out there has any advice for me, i'll gladly take it. i suppose for now i'll keep trying to just take it one day at a time. 


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