just a 'lil business update.

hello my dears! oh my gosh, good stuff is happening. well i guess it's been happening for a while, but the goodness has just added up to capacity at this point. i am so so lucky to be following my dream. life is insanely busy now pretty much all the time, and the wait for clothing orders is pushing 5 weeks. too long, i know. SO this is where the really good stuff is going on! tomorrow i start looking at locations to rent for a work space in downtown LA! i'm hiring another seamstress, and either buying a screen printing rotary press or outsourcing my screen printing to a location in LA. oh my!!! is my dream of a merry sunlit factory coming true?! 

in other news, purusha's winter-spring 2014 line is looking pretty sweet! i'm planning on defining the styles of clothing in my shop a little more. so active-lounge-street. i wear yoga pants like everyday, but i'm not one of those people that has any desire to wear my yoga pants out at night. i like having my separate clothes for my separate activities. plus, the more i work out with my trainer tyler i see i don't want to exercise in nice stuff. tyler punishes me (this is a good thing!) in cross fit like exercises, and honestly i've never worked out so hard in my life. i sweat a lot, and i'm finding i appreciate my nylon pants more than anything else. so my active wear will be made just for that- to get sweaty. lounge wear can be a little more playful and fun, but i wouldn't recommend maybe doing a hot yoga class or a body pump class in them. and street! this is my new stuff i'm really excited about! i want to make "regular" clothes. hehe. so we'll be making some hemp jeans, silk and hemp trousers, a cardigan, a dress, and some slouchy organic tees. yes!

i think that's about it! it's getting cool here in topanga, and i'm feeling cozy tonight as patrick is cooking me dinner. i can't say it enough, but i'm a lucky woman.



  1. Hi lovely Hayley, the way you are growing is so inspirational and pure, it makes me feel so happy !



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