you just get better.

hehe this is me doing my favorite thing, laying down. 

it feels really good to work hard. i'm working hard on purusha as always, working hard on my body with my yoga and personal training and running, and working hard on my mind. purusha takes up most of my time, especially lately, and there are plenty of super exciting things on the horizon! we move into our new art space next week (i'm calling it an art space, not a work space. it sounds better, don't you think?!), i hire some new people very soon, and i have a few amazing wholesale opportunities in the near future. i'm lucky enough to work out often, and i've been trying to up my protein! just a little experiment to see what happens to my body. i'm drinking a vegan protein shake everyday and even eating more meat! we shall see what happens! 

and my mind... oh boy my dear special little mind. working hard on my mind is a challenge. because, you can sort of get away without working on it. just floating through tasks, going on instagram, working a lot and crossing things off my list... only to find my thoughts went totally unaccounted for for the past few months straight. practicing yoga often does not mean that i'm actually exercising my mind either. i straight up have to meditate for mind training to work. i can't do anything else but sit. it's too distracting. so this past week i've really been putting in the effort to sit still, breathe, and watch my thoughts. 

purusha is growing now, and i can already tell my role in my business is shifting to be more of a boss. i've been running purusha for 4 1/2 years without much of a change in what i do, but i have a feeling this is all going to change fast as we move into the space and i have more people helping me make the clothing. i can actually focus on growing the brand! it's so neat, but intimidating. i'm totally game for it all, i just feel like i need to start taking accountability for my mind as i become accountable for other people. the old stories i used to tell myself- that i'm shy, that i'm not a boss, i am unsure of myself... yada yada yada... they just aren't working for me anymore. so i'm working hard meditating (that sounds like an oxymoron!), or rather putting the time in to meditate, so i can really realize what it is i think about all the time. if anything it's just more peaceful to bring the mind's focus to breath, positive thoughts, and to awareness rather than letting it go on autopilot to timbuktu! 

i'm trying to spend less time on social media (this is hard!), but i have to share a quote i saw on someone's instagram today that i really resonated with. 

'it doesn't get easier, you just get better.' 

so true. my life will always have challenges; but i keep working on myself, keep growing as a person, and make sure i take enough time to simply lay down when i need it.


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