my pregnancy journal : 7

How far along?
30 weeks! This feels like a big amount right now :)

How big is the peanut?
About 3 lbs. If he was born now he would most likely be ok. Which obviously I don't want, but it's comforting to know.

Total weight gain/loss?
20 lbs so far. When I first heard from my doctor to expect to gain 25-35 lbs I thought he was crazy. I thought, 'I take care of myself, eat well and exercise, there is NO way that will happen to me.' Ha well look at me now! My body just does what it does. I've surrendered. I take care of myself and eat like I did pre-pregnancy, run (shorter distances and more slowly!) and do weight training and yoga, and still my body stores fat everywhere. None of my shorts or jeans fit over my ass, a lot of my tops are too tight on my arms and back. Whatever. Babe is healthy, I'm healthy. It's alllll good!

Maternity clothes?
Thinking I need to design cute maternity shorts. Still mad they don't exist. I wonder if I should come out with a maternity line? I feel like the market is super lacking. And stuff can't be expensive. It's REALLY hard to put down money on stuff that won't fit the same in a few months. I've been living in dresses, athletic clothing, and that's really all I can squeeze into. I wear a lot of the same clothes over and over. It's also been like 105 degrees here so... yeah, clothes are not easy.


Once I fall asleep I am good! I can sleep for like 10 hours. But I've been having a little trouble falling asleep. I'm sure I could change that if I got off my iPhone sooner and had more of a nightly wind-down routine. I need to work on that.

Best moment this week?
Hmmm... that's a tough one! My life has kinda been business as usual. Pregnancy is getting less comfortable. It's no big thing yet, but exercising hard is getting, well, hard. And I'm quite tired. Overall though I'm pretty happy. Liam's having some weird hearing issues which is making his mobility tough, Byron is as wild and kind as ever, my relationship with Patrick is deeply wonderful. I am a broken record here, but I'm realllly lucky!

There are more now! Kicking is getting more aggressive. Sometimes he gets a limb or his head (?) pushing so hard in one direction and it feels crazy weird until he moves back into a less spread eagle position. Haha, that's what I'm picturing anyways. I have 2 sore little lumps below my belly, and from my expert google research I think its round ligament pain. I also pee like 100 times a day now. I feel like the little guy is just stomping on my bladder. He is just living it up in there. Haha! Overall I believe my pregnancy has been fairly easy and uneventful, which I realize I'm beyond blessed for. When I read the online baby stuff for the week I always feel relieved to be missing out on a lot of symptoms.

Food cravings?
None. But I've been loving making 'Greek meals'. I honestly don't even think they're 'Greek', I've never been to Greece. We just call them that, our Greek dinners. Always some crusty Ciabatta type bread dipped in olive oil, olives, a variety of cheeses, sausage or tuna, and salad. Just easy to make and fun to eat!

Food aversions?

Labor signs?
None. But definitely thinking about labor these days! We're doing a hospital tour this week, I'm gonna sign up for an online Lamaze class, and we're doing a birthing class at the hospital in September. Part of me wants to do none of that and pretend it's just never gonna happen!

Belly button in or out?

What I miss?
A lot of my clothes. That's it I think!

What I'm looking forward to?
Well I guess at this point it's just meeting the little guy! There isn't much else on the immediate horizon. I can truly say though I'm enjoying the moment and am grateful he's alive and well in my belly. I'm sure all will be well with delivery and his birth, but I always have in the back of my mind gratitude for him as he is now, pure and simple. Not wishing for him to be anywhere else.

Ugh I did the terrible diabetes test at the doctor, where you drink the most sugary drink in the world in 5 minutes and then can't drink water. That almost gave me a panic attack. Not quite a milestone right? But got that over with and don't have diabetes, and I don't think I'm deficient in any nutrients either! So that's a relief. I've been drinking more milk, eating more yogurt, eating more meat (and of course the usual fruits and veggies), to be sure I'm getting calcium and iron. Lots of oils too :) So it feels nice to do this all for the little man. Um I guess another milestone would be I'm beginning to feel more like a sexy pregnant woman. Like, I feel sensual and I freaking LOVE Patrick right now. I have these moments of honeymoon-y feelings where it's like we just started dating. I love him so much it makes me cry. But then again, I'm loosely on the brink of crying frequently now. Should probably list that under 'symptoms'. Forgot about that one. I suppose it's like my emotions right now are just right there. No filter. I like it.

Bigger, slow and steady.

How are you bonding with your baby?
Well the usual I guess! Meditation and yoga! I hope taking the time 5 days a week to breathe and relax with him transfers into him being a relaxed person. I rub my belly often and just think about all the love I have for him, the dogs, for Patrick and for my life. It's a really lovely feeling. Gosh thinking about it right now I just might cry. I'll leave it at that. Pregnancy is a beautiful time. :)


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