happy birthday to my true love puppy boy!!

i am fully aware that i post too many photos of liam. haha deal with it! i mean, look at him, how cute is he?!

today is liam's 7th birthday!!!! my have the years flown by. i am SO lucky to have found such a sweet and loyal friend in my doggie boy. everyday liam reminds me how to breathe, how to have fun and be silly, how to take care of myself, and how to always seek out the joy in every situation. it's incredible, each morning when liam wakes up and sees me wake up he is smiling, hopping around, panting, and just beyond excited to start a new day. imagine if we all woke up like that!

today i took liam on a run, later i'm taking him swimming at big bear lake, and this evening i'm making him a special dinner with a slice of cake for desert! (i'm going to post a photo of liam blowing out his candles. yeah, should be interesting!).

my angel guy is my very best friend. i am totally in love with: liam's smile, the smell of his paws, the sweet relaxed groans he makes while falling asleep, his snoring while he's awake, how he goes and grabs his big bone and parades around whenever he's excited and proud, the way he runs in quick circles making sharp turns when he's blissful, how he rests his chin on a piece of furniture until pat or i give him the ok to hop up!, how sweetly he cuddles with me every night, the way he tilts his head when i talk to him, and just the overall fresh optimistic perspective liam lends me every single day. liam truly is someone i look up to.

so happy birthday to my sweetest baby liam!! i love you with all my heart!


  1. Hayleye....i am a bumbling fool behind these eyes of unrest. i know ......who would guess. i LOVE silly.That reminds me did i share with you the title of my new work '' Hocus Pocus By Gosh'' based on the perversion of dog trainers in the deep south. Hands will go up when this trailer comes out. Like I've told you before old friend give the people what they DON'T think they want and they'll see that they do and thank you for it. But more about you. The way you think you have another year to be silly. I would count on that. Add it all up and you've figured out the score. Of course we will all see what it looks like from inside that sky ship that may be arriving soon! Oh no! Am I bad.? I had an appointment with my medic and completely forgot to tell her I'm unavailable. Can't get it all right Hale. Being all myself has its down sides. I know how you understand that. going sailing now. (need to practice..not much time left)



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