the nomads.

{hiking in big bear with kiyoe}

that's what patrick and i have been calling ourselves. we've been on the move for about the past 4 months now. crazy! i think though now we've found our spot, and are ready to plant ourselves and begin blossoming.

moving sucks!!!! right?! the worst!!! this evening we are driving to santa barbara to stay with my sister for the night, and then heading to our storage unit to begin packing up our shit into the dreaded uhaul trailer. we're going to get a little buzz on before we pack. we did this last time we moved our crap into storage, and man, we moved EVERYTHING (broke a few things) in about 2 hours. unreal. oh, and by buzz, i mean we will drink about 2 glasses of red wine. at palapas mexican restaurant. with burritos. :) and then we'll drive on out to topanga and move into our new humble sunlit abode.

i can't wait to set up our house and see all the lovely sentimental items that have been locked away for the past month. decorating a home is my favorite!!! so i'm pumped for a fresh beginning and a blank canvas to work on. FUN!

but i am going to miss it here, for sure. pat and i are definitely feeling a bit isolated after 1 month, but it really was the perfect amount of time, and i will hold these memories here so close to my heart. we've found such kindred spirits in our friends, the clines, up here in big bear. when i think about leaving kiyoe, my dear dear friend and running buddy, my eyes leak a little. :(. and the mountain air, the trails, the sunshine, the blue skies- truly, i am smitten. so we will be back!! we know we can always come stay at this sweet cozy cabin another time, when we want to get away from it all. and we will of course keep in touch with these kind generous people, who have so sweetly welcomed us with love into their home. i am so grateful.

but for now, i must finish up my work, clean, pack, and all that good stuff!!

talk soon! xo.


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