i get another year.

patrick made me cake!! it was soooo good. in bed too! first cake patrick made from scratch. he was amazed at how much sugar and butter are in a cake. kept saying, "are you sure this is right?" haha. yes desserts, very bad for you.

 birthday peonies

 patrick's new computer arrived. we watched seinfeld on it. :)

 and pat made me dinner in bed too! having a mattress on the floor, in the living room, may be, the end of me. ;) . we had raw veggie tortillas and sangiovese.

my birfday dress from my mama.

yes, i get another year. that is how i am looking at it. every birthday is the universe giving you the gift of another year to keep trying, to keep going after what you believe in. and accept nothing less, because we only have this one shot.

i was complaining to patrick last night that it's a dumb tradition you can't share your birthday wish or it won't come true. i like sharing my dreams and thoughts with people. so F that! i'm telling you!

my wish is to let my silliness out. laughing is my favorite thing, yet sometimes i get very serious and worrisome. and it does nothing for me. {ok, i'm talking a lot about ME right now, and i am truly sorry if i seem narcissistic and boring right now. but, i suppose, this post is for me. a reminder of what i want this year.} i think i'm pretty funny, and sometimes i forget to just let go and find the funniness. laughter and smiles make life bearable when stress, fear, and laziness bubble up. so why not laugh if off? seriously, WHY NOT? when i think about people i admire most, they are usually people that laugh easily and don't fall under the gloom forever when life gets hard. 

so this year i vow to make more light, laughter, and love in my life. life really is like a strange game, a performance where we can act however we like. i want to act more like ME, and never forget what i goofy, happy being i am.


  1. Happy birthday weekend, Hayley!
    I'm sure you'll have the most fantastic time, it seems that you have already started :-)
    Many happy returns,

  2. Hayleye....i am a bumbling fool behind these eyes of unrest. i know ......who would guess. i LOVE silly.That reminds me did i share with you the title of my screen work '' Hocus Pocus By Gosh'' based on the perversion of dog trainers in the deep south. Its loosely based in the 1900's when it was ok to own your own stuff and call it whatever you wanted... Hands will go up when this trailer comes out. Like I've told you before old friend give the people what they DON'T think they want and they'll see that they do and thank you for it. But more about you. The way you think you have another year to be silly. I would count on that. Add it all up and you've figured out the score. Of course we will all see what it looks like from inside that sailing sky ship that may be arriving soon! Oh no! Am I bad.? I had an appointment with my medic and completely forgot to tell her I'm unavailable. Can't get it all right Hale. Being all myself has its down sides. I know how you understand that. Going for a quick run now and then its back to my swimming lessons with Val. (need to practice..not much time left) Keep cranking out the pants and tops..I might be in the market come summertime!

  3. I love the first picture! You are so happy and so silly! I love you, Hayley!



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