today i am 29!

the last year of being in my 20's. kinda a big deal. but then again, just a number, right?

my day so far has been nice and low key. i woke up and went running with liam around topanga, saw our horsey friend, and then i came home to open my lovely gifts from my mama!! so many sweet thoughtful things and i feel so loved.

i ate cookies, chocolate, and tea for breakfast, so even if the rest of my day ends up sucking, it would be all good ;) . seriously, sweets for breakfast is so... SWEET!

now i am heading out to LA with patrick and hitting up the fashion district for fabrics and exploring, eating some food somewhere in LA, and going to the salvation army to hunt for treasures! oh yeah!! when we get home patrick is making me dinner and a cake! amazing!! and my special day continues all weekend, which is always awesome.. we have some more great things planned. i'll tell ya later ;).

thank you all my friends and sweet people for the warm birthday wishes! i truly feel blessed and embraced in love today. 29, you are going to be wonderful!


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