this morning.

ok there is the SWEETEST horsey down the road from us. i am in love. this guy is sooo friendly and gentle. oh man, i want a horsey.

here is liam, the lovely horse, and me going onto autopilot baby voice whenever i talk to animals:

running around my neighborhood here in topanga is a delight! soooo beautiful and the most amazing aromas wherever i turn. jasmine, honeysuckle, pines, eucalyptus. it's heavenly.

the road to our house.

eucalyptus trees

more views on the road to our humble home.

i am constantly amazed by the variety of plants in california. pines, oaks, flowers galore, cacti, succulents. it rules!

this is the view from our house. not too shabby!

and here is our lil home! we really like it. :)

liam is so smiley after our morning run.

walking in the door... it's still a bit messy, as we're unpacking slowly and buying some furniture. but it's coming along!

it's so bright in here, pretty awesome in contrast to our old place in santa barbara. it was kinda dark. so we are really celebrating this abundance of light!

now i am going to go dye some clothes, and get more giddy for my birthday TOMORROW! YAY! xo


  1. Haley Haley Haley its so beautiful and light and and and and: PERFECT.

  2. I'm reading this blog on your birthday. Happy, happy birthday, Hayley!!!
    You are a truly special person in this world!



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