purusha evolves.

hello there!

hope you're having a lovely day!

i sure am. :) it's my birthday on thursday (eeeee!!), and i am still like a child when it comes to holidays and birthdays so i'm kinda a little giddy this week in anticipation of my day. yes, i am perhaps spoiled in this way, but i freakin love my birthday. i will be 29 years old!!! what?! when did this happen!? but growing older is FUN. every year i am a happier healthier woman, for sure.

so this post is not all about my birthday, oh boy. it's about purusha people and the changes i plan to make to my business over the next few months.

so what's going on over here? i still am working non-stop on etsy orders, which i am HIGHLY grateful for. my etsy customers are the sweetest, and i feel like i've found so many darling friendships over the incredible site that is etsy.com. i have a few wholesale orders floating around which is always awesome, but a lot of work, so i'm trying to figure out how to make that more sustainable for me. yet where my head is really at, at this moment, is fully designing my own clothing from scratch.

constructing my own yoga leggings, tees, pants, dresses, etc with my own patterns, and my own sewing + dyeing + screen printing is my dream. don't get me wrong, i feel so so so fortunate that i can work with wholesale companies and buy blank pants, leggings, and tops and go from there, but somehow, this part of the clothing process leaves me feeling not 100% proud or 100% satisfied. i want what i sell to be fully purusha people's, and i need to feel totally responsible for the entire process of fiber -> fabric -> color -> print -> finished garment. i also want more versatility and control over the styles and cuts of my clothing, so i realize the only way this is possible right now is for me to construct the clothing myself (and with the help of other seamstresses once i begin hiring help, of course. but this is another dream for another day).

for some reason, i've had like this phobia of the sewing machine, the serger, the cover stitch machine. but why? i am facing my sewing fear NOW. i've been practicing and creating prototypes, and feeling really really happy with the results. see the pants i am wearing in the above photos?! I MADE 'EM! 100%! can you tell i am proud? though it is silly, i know. because this is just the beginning...

so slowly, but surely, and especially as my website finally is finished; i am excitedly looking forward to integrating hand sewn, hand dyed, and hand printed clothing into my shop and into my inventory. the prices will be higher, but the quality will be higher as well, and the products will be amazingly special. and eventually i will replace all my items in my shop with 100% purusha people garments. so so rad. just typing this i get adrenalined (not a word.)!

so look out purusha people, and prepare to be spoiled with the best yoga clothing ever made!!!! as spoiled as i hope to be this week on my birthday ;). but seriously, i want to dress you in simply gorgeous handmade, with SO much love, purusha people high fashion yoga lounge wear. YES!!!


  1. Such exciting evolutions! I get so many compliments on my skinny dali pants and just can't tell people how comfy they are. Will be buying more purusha in the future.

    Happy Birthday Hayley!



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