mr. julie.

this weekend liam got a new nickname, and it's mr. julie. for some reason calling him that makes me laugh way harder than maybe it should. why is it so funny to me?! liam was waiting for dinner on sunday and drooling heavily, as usual, so i said, "relax mr. drooly!" patrick was like, "did you just call him mr. julie?" and we all laughed and laughed. and now we are calling liam mr. julie. isn't it crazy how many nicknames your dog ends up getting?!

this weekend patrick, mr. julie, and i went to the no dogs beach in malibu. what is up with beaches not wanting dogs on them having a rockin' good time?! c'mon, it's so silly and uptight. i will pick up the poo and liam, um excuse me mr. julie, will make you smile. who wouldn't want that?! malibu is SO pretty, and we lucked out to meet some other doggies on the no dogs beach, so it was a pretty good time for mr. julie :). hehe.


  1. Haha...this is super funny :-) One time Woody called our (boy) dog, Django, "Django Marie!" I have no idea where the "marie" came from but I just about died laughing. I love funny, random doggie nicknames. Btw, I voted for Purusha for the grant thingy. I hope you get it!!!! Fingers crossed for you! Love you lady <3

  2. awww love you alaina!! and i love django marie as well! got me laughing over here. so good! thank you so for voting!! hope to see you sometime soon :) xxx



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