adventures in sewing.

sewing. i've always had this love/hate relationship with it. when things are going well, seams are straight, i cut the pattern perfectly, the machines are behaving, well then i just love it. but when the fabric pieces don't line up for some crazy reason, and i can't sew a straight line, AND the machines are acting like bitches, well then i get very very frustrated. like i would like to sew the machine out the window.

lucky for me, my new serger and coverstitch machine have been good girls for the most part. up until i was finishing up my final pair of pants prototypes for my new line, the serger knife cut through a needle and then the rest of the seam for those pants was screwed. and i need a new knife. but i'm glad it happened later than sooner!

so yeah, i'm working on a new line of end of summer/fall clothes for purusha people! i may or may not be sewing everything myself, depending if i can get some manufacturing done in LA. but i wanted to sew the prototypes to bring what i imagine to life. plus, sewing has been actually really fun these past few days. i've woken up each morning truly excited to create! with my usual purusha work, of course i freakin adore it because it's mine, but often times i am not as enthused to make the same pants i've been dyeing and screen printing for 2 years. so it's fun to sew and do something different. i'm sure though if i sewed these pieces everyday, i might be singing a different tune!

today i am having my new clothes photographed on some yogi friends! super excited! so you will see what i've been working on real soon!

btw, i still need about 140 votes to qualify for the chase bank loan. the deadline is in 3 days! please vote for purusha people if you haven't already! many thanks, and namaste. :)


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