these peaceful waters.

today, all that's on my mind is gratitude. deep, respectful, intense appreciation for the luck of being alive. each day that passes where seemingly nothing much happens and we go about our business peacefully is a day to be cherished and held SO close to our hearts. a day where we don't have to experience trauma or pain is a fucking gift from somewhere, a gift that we have no control over receiving, that we just take without a second thought or a question as to whether we deserve it. the little scenes of worry and stupid fears are truly meaningless when held up to life's giant motion picture. with how much bad and sadness going on everywhere that we don't get to see, we that are in the land of the living where we are smiling and moving along with our daily duties are truly LUCKY. we, miraculously, survive these moments with almost a shield of goodness watching over us because today's circumstances have randomly added up to something positive. and there is absolutely nothing we can do to try to change or control what we are dealt today. yes, i know i think this too, if only i had done this that wouldn't have happened, but how can we stop the waves from being gentle or turbulent? all we can do is ride them and allow the gnarly storms to remind us to treasure the tranquil water we often take for granted everyday. amidst the unlucky shit that we are handed from time to time, i bow to the graces of the universe that allow me these peaceful waters in this very moment. namaste.


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