the practice changes.

yesterday patrick, liam, and i hiked our awesome trail. the lighting was so magical, so i asked pat to snap some photos of me doing a few poses. hmmm.. i thought... which asana to do... i'll try flying pigeon! always impressive looking and i haven't done it in a while.

i tried it. couldn't do it. OH WELL.

this is my yoga practice right now. when i could do flying pigeon, one legged crow, grasshopper, i wasn't a better person or anything like that. yeah, those postures made for pretty pictures, and they were fun to do, but right now i feel like i don't need to do them to experience yoga. 

i love yoga because it is such a journey. for a while i really wanted to get "good" and just nail all the asanas. recently, difficult poses don't mean a thing to me. i just want to feel GOOD. that's it. i want to feel my breath moving peacefully through my body, feel my sides and hips opening after some nice stretches, feel my abs and arms working in plank and dolphin, and most of all feel like i'm practicing for reasons that make sense for my life right now. i want to be a success at being hayley; and that encompasses loving the people i choose to spend time with, appreciating peace in this moment, growing my business, and facing my silly fears each day. my yoga on an off the mat need to reflect my aim, and right now i believe it really does. and i'm happy i don't care that i'm not as "good" at yoga as i was a year ago, because in fact i am becoming better than good at yoga. yoga is becoming me.


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