taking back my time.

good morning! how are you?

i feel pretty good this morning, hehe better than my last post. ;) so that's good!

patrick and i had a nice talk this weekend about taking enough time for ourselves. let's be honest here, we all have our little addictions. and i will admit one of my addictions is to technology and the internet. in a way, to me, reaching for my iphone first thing in the morning to check FB and my email is kinda equivalent to an obese person waking up and heading to the kitchen for a cookie. why start the day in such a dumb pattern?

last week was really good to take a break from the internet, but i've still definitely been craving knowing what's "going on" (and by going on i mean- checking photos of old friends getting married/having babies/going on adventures, yoga people doing cool poses in photos, a few political news sources (not bad!), what kind of juice/healthy food people are eating, etc etc)... so yeah, not really stuff i need to know AT ALL! i totally and fully realize it takes months, years to settle into a new habit, but i feel really ready to live differently, less "plugged in" all the time. i know it hurts my creativity and my peace of mind to spend a lot of time surfing the web, but i do need to find a healthy balance because purusha people of course needs an internet presence. so like anything else, i just need to find that moderation and then i will know what's right for me. patience and trust in myself is key here, and i am prepared to wait and believe i'm doing what's right for me.

this week i continue on with my goals from last week, plus adding in little details to highlight what i want. when i wake up i head right for my meditation cushion or yoga mat before the day sweeps me up. the first moments of awakening are SO precious and set the tone for your entire day. just breathing deep, slowing down, and reminding yourself of who you truly are is not a luxury, it's a necessity to live a happy calm life.

today we bring liam to the opthamologist, and this morning thinking about that, i almost felt a little sick with worry. liam has been slowly loosing his vision over the last few years, and i am afraid to know his prognosis. i realize knowing what's going on won't change anything, but i am just so terrified to hear there's a chance he'll go fully blind. it's kinda like i don't wanna know, you know? so then this morning, i thought, i can't think this way. i put my hands in prayer and brought my thumb tips to the center of my eyebrows and pressed gently into my face... and thought... gratitude. gratitude. liam is alive and healthy, everyone i love is alive and healthy. i have a job i love, a beautiful safe place to live, and brilliant opportunities on the horizon. things are GOOD, there is always something good to look to. and in the midst of this whole shooting in CO this weekend, i am putting into perspective how holy every peaceful day is. i am so lucky right now.

this week too i'm working on new purusha designs!! my favorite thing to do. i'm looking forward to fall/winter fashions and playing around with some new ideas.

now i am off to take sweet liam out on a run. wish us luck at the eye doctor! love you. xo


  1. Hayley, you are so right that the internet is a time vampire. I've pulled back a lot. Have dedicated days for networking 9and usually there might be some play).
    I wish I had more time to blog. I find that very therapeutic.

    trust and all will fall into place. I'm so glad you are in a better place today, just the way it should be. Each day is a journey into the unknown.

    Mucho metta sista mitraH



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