i'm disgusted.

 we have been having a rough month over here. i haven't been talking about it too much because i thought if i ignored it, it would just go away. but seriously, it's just one thing after another.

i'm disgusted. ha, i keep saying that this morning. patrick is making fun of me for this, i was on the brink of tears. we found a bark scorpion in our house, looked just like the guy above. it was soooo scary!!!!!!! he was hiding in some fabric i had picked up off the floor! bark scorpions have killed people, and the stings are compared to being stabbed with a knife! we caught it in a glass and slid paper under it and watched as it tried to sting pat's hand through the glass. AH!!!!! trembling (that's me) we carried the glass and paper outside together and dumped the guy outside. to wikipedia we went and researched scorpions, found they eat all the insects that we just kinda were letting hang in our house (spiders and moths mostly). i had made peace with the spiders, but now we think they gotta go. we can't have scorpions coming in the house, no way.

so we decided today to put screens on the windows, clean the whole house immaculately, and get some diatomaceous earth to sprinkle outside the house. ok, a lot of work, but we can't share our house with scorpions!

we have fruit flies. the trash we bought has a flip lid that doesn't close all the way, so fruit flies find a way to the fruit remains after we eat. i kinda was annoyed with the little girls, but just let 'em live in the trash. didn't really think about how they are food for other insects, luring more spiders and scorpions in the house. after freaking out about the scorpion, i opened up a cantaloupe and took the lid off the trash to throw out the seeds. in the trash, coming out the trash was larvae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ewwwwwww.. this disgusts me more than anything else. little fat worms. ugh, i'm going to throw up. i cried, no joke. had to have patrick come in and take care of them. it's too much. their fat little wiggling bodies, puke. and it gets grosser. pat's like we should kill them, and i'm like just collect them and bring them to the trash outside. so patrick kills them by POPPING THEM. wtf?!  with tissues he's pushing down on them and popping them and you can HEAR IT. yes, sounds were coming from their death of popping. i had to step outside and mope around, just repeating 'i am disgusted'. then on the way to the trash outside to throw out the cantaloupe bits, so distraught, my ankle buckled and i fell down some stairs. leading to more pathetic pouts from me, 'what's wrong with me?!'

i'm trying to eat a bagel as i type this and seriously, i can't. just feeling a gag reflex from this whole morning. you guys, we are not dirty people. why are there so many critters??? today patrick, liam, and i are getting serious, SO serious, about cleanliness. but it's tough when i keep some purusha supplies on the floor, the perfect little crevices for these little ass holes to hide. ughhhhhh.

other shit form the past month- we don't have a car anymore (crashed it, we are fine, i don't need to say more), no one will give us an auto loan, liam is going to the opthamologist next week to have his eyes looked at because he definitely has vision loss and i almost don't want to know how bad it is/what will happen in the future, patrick broke his toe (you know how people just say they broke something, and it's not really broken? no this time.) pat's whole foot is blue and his pinky toe is pointing away from his body. we don't have health insurance (for now!), so we just taped the pinky to the toe next to it and are hoping for the best.

so yay. good times. it can only get better from here, right?..... right? ;)


  1. OMG, Hayley at first I was giggling reading your words about buggers (I'm totally the same) but then I read on and feel so bad for you.

    It will get better. Change is hiding around the corner, that is a sure thing. I just hope Patrick and Liam are OK.
    Thinking about you sista mitraH and sending prayers your way

  2. Oh Hayley, I am sending you an e-hug! I am also putting some cosmic ordering in for you.



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