5 goals.


today is such a beautiful day in topanga. it's unreal!!! sunny, 72 degrees, little wind... i feel totally refreshed after the hot week we had last week.

i've decided every sunday i'm going to make 5 goals and work on making them happen that very week! it's gonna be fun!

so this week:

1. early to bed, early to rise.

man, this one is TOUGH for me. i wake up right now around 7:30, but i'd like it to be earlier. i just have such a hard time stopping working in the evenings that i end up going to bed later and then i need to sleep a little longer. so this week i'm going to be more strict with that.

2. take a yoga class with my friend noelle beaugureau in sherman oaks!!

this one is a breeze, a pleasure, an honor. i can't wait!

3. work on getting the ball rolling in manufacturing purusha in LA.

i am beyond ready to see my business expand!!! let's do this!

4. eat smaller portions more frequently during the day.

i find myself eating monsterous amounts 2-3 times a day, like enough to feed a 200 lb man. not good on the metabolism, i know.

and 5. less time on facebook.

we all know it, facebook is a time sucker and waster. i know i enjoy it to find news and see what people are doing, but i've never really gotten off FB feeling better/wiser than before i got on. rather i feel drained, jealous, frustrated. i've even heard of studies where FB is compared to heroin to those that are "addicted". i kinda gotta admit, i have an addiction here. this goal will be really easy though because i just signed up with a website called coldturkey. coldturkey blocks you from going on sites for a certain amount of time. ha, silly (brilliant?!) me, i downloaded the program and set up 7 days of service to block myself from twitter and FB. i thought what would happen is i would have an allotted amount of time on the sites per day and then get kicked off. wrong. i can't go on. at all. sites won't open. ok, i thought, i'll just uninstall the program! my bad! i can't stay off completely for a week! guess what? tried to uninstall. can't. until the program is done running in one week. i kinda panicked for a moment. patrick laughed and laughed at me. then i started laughing too. this is great. this is what i need. so i won't be on FB this week on my computer. patrick will let me use his computer for FB for business purposes only. oh boy, guys, i want to know what you're up to on FB. ahhh!!! haha. ok this will be so healthy.

those are my goals. pretty sweet eh?

have a happy day! xoxoxo.


  1. hahah, that coldturkey story is so funny! if you have google chrome, you should check out the extension called 'stay focused'. it gives you a lot of control over time management and allotment on the internet :) good luck with your goals! sounds like a good week



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