don't over think it.

lately patrick and i have been talking about the importance of just doing stuff without over analyzing. i suppose that's the same thing as being aware and in the moment, just a different way of looking at it. when you know what you have to do, just friggin do it, right?! why over think the before and after? those moments don't even exist. if you do over think, you risk the chance of missing out on an opportunity that might never come around again. so just go with it. trust. your instincts don't lie (usually!), and it's so empowering to know you can accomplish anything without those unnecessary thoughts creeping in giving you doubt.

today, i'm not thinking about what's coming next. i'm only feeling what's here right now: my breath awakening my body, my fingers typing, soft light on my face coming through the window. and it's so beautiful.


  1. Hayley, do you have a tumblr account? If not, you should consider opening one for Purusha People! There are some great yoga tumblrs out there (fuckyeahyoga, fuckyeahashtangayoga, kissmyasana, to name a few!), many of which allow submissions, meaning that you could share some of your photos and get your name out to thousands of other yogis, free of charge! Just a thought!

    Namaste. <3



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