5 things i'm into right now.

1. magic eye. haha! remember this? i still have a book, and i've been magic eyeing pretty much every night before bed. it's really relaxing. patrick can't do it and keeps saying i'm just making the whole thing up.

2. this song. obsessed.

3. gussets on pants. oh. my. god. now i know what i've been missing. all future purusha pants will feature this.  the greatest addition to athletic pants ever!!! 

4. trader joe's. this place just amazes and inspires me so hard. patrick and i have been loving shopping here since we moved to CA. you feel like a gourmet wordly chef perusing the aisles for truffle pizza, thai dumplings, palak paneer, macaroons, and gorgeous stinky cheeses. and leaving the store with 4 grocery bags full for about $100 is freakin' a miracle! i've honestly been quite fascinated with tj's as a business as well. they are SO smart in how they manage the chain; not opening too many locations, vertically integrating the business (keeping all products internal, or putting the trader joe's name on each product instead of selling goods under brand names), and (my favorite!), treating the employees well and paying them more than any other grocery store. did you know a tj's manager can make a 6 figure salary?! and have you noticed that pretty much everyone at trader joe's is happy and nice? AND they give out samples?! ok, i could go on and on. but seriously, trader joe's, you are doing it right.

5. slowing down. man, this can be a hard one for me. i tend to have a lot of nervous energy, so i'm drawn to working my body with some intensity, hoping it will slow my mind down. sometimes this works, but other times what i need is to take my time and not push my body so much. this weekend i took the lovely and peaceful tracee stanley's yoga class at yoga desa in topanga.

what a goddess! tracee stanley!

 it was just what i needed- deep, detoxifying, mind clearing, flowing with enough long holds, and a reminder to find the nurturing mother within each of us. i am the type of person that definitely needs to be refreshed on the importance of doing what is healthy not just for the body, but for the entire being- body, mind, and soul. the brain and the nervous system need to be exercised and rewired as much as (if not more than) my arms and shoulders (and my shallow desire to sculpt them). it's a great reawakening to remember the body will follow the mind. i don't need to worry about my body looking toned and in shape, because it just will be naturally when i take care of my whole being. what a weight off my mind, and what an easier way to view my practice.

well i hope your monday is a happy one!

namaste. :)


  1. Thanks for sharing....really love that song! I so miss having a studio practice, my inside is wilting away without a place to go. At least there's yoga glo. If it makes you feel better, I'd kill to have your body! I'm doing Elena browsers yoga of living 5 day course and hoping for some acceptance and awareness of self.

  2. Great lifestyle! And not just the yoga.. Books and music are all worthwhile things to put your attention to. But it really is yoga that completes your being. People should realize that slowing down can do a lot. It is actually better than taking a step backward just to have a better view of what’s ahead of you. ;]



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