monday morning.

and i'm back to work. such a pleasure to have something beautiful and worthy to devote my time to.

this weekend was happy and relaxing. friday night patrick and i saw 'kumare' in LA and met "kumare" (vikram gandhi) afterwords! i really enjoyed the movie, and totally recommend everyone see it. the main message of the movie was an uplifting one, but both patrick and i agreed it still felt a little off to fool people into thinking you're someone you're not. there was a little Q & A after, followed by social time. i shook vikram's hand and asked him my questions, and patrick as well. but we were left a little underwhelmed with his answers and his manner in meeting fans. vikram seemed like he didn't want to talk to us and kept looking away, such a sharp contrast from kumare in the movie. i kinda wish i coulda met kumare instead! on the drive home patrick cracked me up, complaining how he really dislikes "hip" people, or folks that just think they're too cool. but who knows, i'm sure touring with your movie gets tiring and people must ask a lot of the same questions. and sometimes people are just shy. i know i am, and i hope i would never come across as thinking i'm "too cool!" hehe. what else... we went to the beach on saturday and liam was in heaven, as usual. he played with his friend duke, an italian mastiff, and his new friend lua, a toy chihuahua. i was really afraid liam would step on the little thing and break her leg! saturday night patrick and i made an "irish dinner", 'cause we've been listening to and enjoying irish music. it was salmon, mashed potatoes, leeks (ugh i thought these would be better than they were, just like eating onions!), kale salad, and guinness. oh yeah!!! sunday i spent the day working on some big good things for purusha! woohoo! you shall see soon! and finally, we've been listening to r. kelly's 'i believe i can fly' A LOT. ha, it's such a good inspiring song!! whenever our neighbors walk by we try to be sure to turn it down, a little embarrassing it is.

today purusha people work continues, as always. i am so lucky.


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