a purusha person.

this long weekend has been really a nice time to think about purusha, and how i envision the brand. {i'm going to hold off on my kickstarter launch for a bit until i have a few things sorted out!}

i adore asking the question: WHO is a purusha person? over time my definition will change, but right now because i am mainly targetting 21-50 year old women (give or take), a purusha person is a woman. not just any woman though. she is, above all, kind. and from her kindness comes beauty. she is savoir faire (in love with this term), or adaptable and adroit, knowing what to do in any situation. especially the current situation of our time. now is the moment for awareness and compassion. a purusha woman is aware of the world around her, and the effect she has on the planet. yet she isn't preachy, but simply lives by example. she cares about what she supports with her dollar; because she worked really hard for it, and because she believes in freedom and happiness as a universe-given right. a purusha woman loves being current, be it fashion or food or architecture, but again not at the expense of other beings. she loves her family, spends time everyday in nature, is inspired by the beach and the mountains, dreams of travelling to far off places, and takes pride in her body and mind by exercising, meditating, and practicing yoga. our woman is fully well rounded- intelligent, curious, sensual, lovely, funny, non-dramatic, creative, humble, and shares her love with each person she meets.

i love this lady! and lucky me, she is my customer. no wonder my buyers become my friends and are some of the sweetest people i've met! thank for inspiring me to make clothing worthy of you. namaste.


  1. I love the lady you are ! I'm a french one who enjoy reading your blog so much, one of the first thing early in the morning ! You make my day, always, dearest spirit sister and dearest friend ! Bye for now, so happy to dare to write a quick note and say the sweetest hello ! marie christine

  2. So wonderfully translated fresh from your lovely spirit! Love you daughter with all that is in me~ May your heart and soul always seek peace and balance. Thank you for sharing with us your beautiful thoughts and examples of kindness.....like reflections of light and colors in a still lake.

  3. wonderful post, speaks from the heart

  4. Thank you! Just that for today.



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