all beings free.

all beings free has become somewhat of a mantra for purusha people. it's a core value for my business, yet i can't help but sometimes feel overwhelmed with the amount of un-free beings out there that i can't help.

i love yoga, as most of us do. at the end of class teachers sometimes say a blessing, which i am so thankful for. because i am beyond blessed, and i can take those words and actually apply them to my life. sadly though, a lot of people can't do this. no matter how positive someone thinks, how much they focus on love and goodness, and watch as the emotions move through the body, the bad stuff just doesn't go away. and i can't really even understand this as an american woman that hasn't ever suffered any monumental injustices. sure, shit has happened to me, but it's just small turds compared to the massive diarrhea others have gone through. ugh totally gross visual there, but the words just kinda happened. sorry. yes i know we can't compare pain, it's all pain, but honestly i know there is a pain that i have never experienced, and many of us haven't. the suffering of being raped, being tortured in war, losing your whole family in an accident, watching someone you love be killed. i can't. even. imagine. life sometimes just baffles me. it can lift you up and fill your heart with love and light, and it can bury you in fear and rip your heart from your chest. and in the end, you die. we all die. wtf?! i can almost understand the appeal of religion to soothe this reality.

the funny thing (well not funny at all, actually terribly sad) that got me thinking about the freedom of beings is the vast number of dogs that need homes and are waiting to be adopted. you all know i LOVE LOVE LOVE liam my doggie, maybe in an unhealthy way. recently i've really been wanting to give another dog a happy home with us. so i've been cruising and crying about how many precious dogs don't have someone to love them. there are thousands and thousands of them, and i don't need to worry if i can't adopt right now, because there will still be thousands this time next year. ugh, my heart, it hurts. i wish i could protect and love all the dogs. and to further bash my heart in, most of them will be euthanized. it's not fair. these little babies didn't do anything wrong, and they just want to live and be happy. patrick, always the rational dude that sees the big picture, looks over at me crying and says, "just think about all the children that need to be adopted, and the mass suffering of humans everyday too. life is cruel for so many." dogs are easy to care about because they're cute and cuddly, but what about that 12 year old kid that lives in a foster home with all her baggage? shouldn't i want to rescue her too?

so i turned on imagine by john lennon. i wish we could all care for each other and live in peace. but wishing won't do it. i can only do what i can do with my small 2 hands. and that will have to be good enough. i can't save and love them all. one thing though i know i will be doing is donating a portion of all my purusha people sales to a cause, i just don't know what yet. i am drawn to donate to LA animal rescue, but i'd like to donate to something that benefits the freedom of humans as well. let me know if you have any ideas.

i hope i wasn't a bummer on you. if anything, let us be soooo happy and blissful for the luck we've been given to live in happiness and freedom. they aren't rights yet, though they should be. my goal in this short life, before the epic death, is to make whatever moves i can to bring the pursuit of happiness to all beings that i may encounter. namaste. 


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