who am i missing?

good morning!

this morning after my ritual of reflecting over my business, i almost feel a little shameful. and discriminatory. no good. i've realized (oh god, duh!) i've been a bad business owner. but that's all about to change. i've neglected people when the core of my business is my love of the customer. i've ignorantly forgotten we are all not the same size and shape. this has been a complaint of the fashion industry since its beginning- we are all not a size 0!! it is time, finally, to listen to this powerful fact. like it or not clothing brands, the reality is plus size people want to wear your clothing and they can't. soooo many beautiful voluptuous women want to practice yoga and feel beautiful and true to themselves while doing it. they want to exercise, take care of themselves, and look hot, just like anyone else. so why discriminate? why not make their size? it's really kinda mind boggling to ignore your customers. purusha people is coming out with a 'plus size' line for spring 2013. and it's gonna be amazing. i'm excited! AND i'm going to be working on a men's yoga/work out wear line for 2013 as well. no one should be left out. purusha is inclusivity. i almost felt like i was 80% sure about my business, but something was missing. someone was missing. now i know. and i feel 100%. :)


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