à la carte yoga pants

good afternoon! hope you've had a beautiful and happy day :) .

look out, i think i have a great idea!! it popped into my head (i just typed pooped instead of popped, that would work too perhaps?!) while hiking red rock canyon in topanga the other day. there are so many times when customers want to change up certain things about pants- like make them leggings, a different color, a different screen print... so i thought why not offer à la carte yoga pants?!

what i mean by à la carte is, you, the customer, are the designer. you pick and choose what color pants you like, what cut- boot cut, big flare, leggings, or skinny fit, what screen print, what style waistband, and whatever extras you want on top... and voilà!, (i'm really working the letter 'à' today) your very own yoga pants you've been dreaming of that no one else has! isn't this exciting!?!? i want some!

tomorrow i'm going to be putting up a very special listing on etsy, and another on my website that walks you through the whole process of designing pants. i can't wait to see what you brilliant creative people come up with!

love you, see you tomorrow!


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