good intentions

the other day i read a really though provoking and truthful statement on a friend's facebook wall.

she said:

"Please don't allow life to intimidate you...please do not allow others to intimidate you. Know that your actions are based on certain intentions. Focus on those things. Focus on where your energy is stemming from. Is it from a place of compassion, good will, serenity, well being...or is it stemming from fear, defense, hatred, unhappiness? Focus on these things...focus on YOURSELF...breathe into yourself, know yourself...then the whole universe will celebrate with you, no matter what appears to be 'happening' on the outside."

this resonated with me so much... to not worry about what my actions look like or how i appear to others, but to know all is well and right if my intentions are good and coming from a place of love and kindness, is a huge reminder to stop caring about what others think of me. not that i don't care about others, but those that are in sync with the universe and loving without judgment or fear will recognize those very same things in me. so there's nothing to worry about, no one to feel intimidated by. as long as i continue on my journey with an open heart and the benefit of all beings in mind, i can't go wrong. phew!

thank you with all my heart for the reminder my fb friend. ;)


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