good morning! how are you?

once a week i have the pleasure of heading down to the fashion district in LA and picking out fun new supplies for purusha! i love it! this place is completely chaotic and wild, fabrics piled to the roof in some stores, and a hustle and grittiness that can only be found in downtown LA. someday i need to head down there and spend the entire day drooling over fabrics and imagining what creations await. usually i spend about 2 hours at a time choosing fabrics, trims, threads, dyes, and other beautiful goodies. i feel so lucky to have these amazing stores only about 40 minutes from my house. there are no fabric stores like this back in connecticut! i'm always thinking while shopping, i wish my mom was here, because she would be as giddy about it as i am. cruising around in the fashion district, i am reminded that there is no limit to creativity. ideas for clothing designs will never run out, so there is no need to worry about reaching any sort of ceiling in active wear clothing creation. yippee! i feel flooded with abundance today. i am so fortunate to have creativity and supplies nearby, people that support what i do all around, amazingly kind customers everywhere, and love in my heart right here to share.

thank you, universe. namaste.


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