so i probably should have written something 'political' yesterday huh? patrick was like, 'you wrote about spiders on election day?!' oops. after all the politicizing recently, i think i had to just shut down and go into spider love mode.

yesterday was interesting. most of my friends, and friends on FB, are liberal. it was beautiful to see everyone so happy about obama's win, and i sure felt relieved. the idea of romney winning scares me a lot as a woman. i just don't think the anti-gay, anti-women, hyper religious can win in america anymore. it's too backwards. watching the rallies on the computer last night, i felt inspired by the obama celebrations. (i haven't watched his speech yet, but i'm gonna today- heard it was awesome!), and at the same time i felt a little sad for the republicans at the romney rally. losing sucks. even if you are a bit bigoted. lol.

i voted for jill stein yesterday. if i lived in a swing state i would have voted for obama, but because CA is blue i figured why not.

it's clear that americans are very divided on politics, but i think we all can most definitely agree the political process is super flawed. it's driven by money, like most things in the world. i don't mean to be cynical, but i don't see this ever changing. embarrassingly, i didn't even know who jill stein was until a few days ago. 3rd party candidates get no press, they can't debate the republicans or democrats, and they never win. it's really sad, and it's because they don't have millions of dollars. money (i just typed momney for a second!) rules the world. i wish there was something we could do to change the system. perhaps we will, because we'll have to, over time, but that's the thing. big changes takes time. so we can only wait, hope, and keep living at our highest potential striving for our own highest good.

i'm happy obama won. i am hopeful in his second term that he'll be able to make bigger changes.

i feel lucky. i can vote, i'm healthy, i live in a country where i'm not persecuted for being me. today is good.



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