the spider post.

good morning!

aw the long awaited for spider blog post, right?! RIGHT?! i know you guys have been just dying to hear my thoughts and ramblings on spiders. but seriously, i just want to use this time to tell you all how much i love spiders. they are such cool creatures!

the spider in the first photo is the kind of spider we have most in our house, a cellar spider. these guys are so nice. they just mind their own business and stay in one spot waiting for some bugs. whenever we have an ant problem these spiders really do their part and eat at least 5 ants. well, they don't do much to actually kill the ant population, but i still feel good knowing they are eating the annoying bugs that are trying to eat our food!

don't freak out ok? but recently i've counted and we probably have around 15 cellar spiders in our house. 10 of them were in our bathroom. patrick and i basically agreed perhaps there were too many in there. like everywhere you look, there's one. haha. so yesterday i caught 6 of them and set them free outside. good-bye my little friends. one bigger guy we released, he was so cute, he just charged away so fast to take shelter under an outdoor shelf, and liam was SO close to stepping on him. phew! after we let some go, i must say, i really missed them. what a weirdo huh? i went to brush my teeth last night and looked around and saw no one :(. so lonely. 'pat!', i said, 'i miss the spiders! why did i put them outside?!' patrick said, 'don't worry, they'll be back.' that made me feel better.

the other day i saw a jumping spider on our couch! just like the guy in the second photo. if you don't like spiders, i think a good spider to get you more into spiders is the jumping spider. these cuties are really special. they can actually look at you, like turn their heads up to gaze at your face. and they jump! plus, they have to capability to kill dangerous spiders- like brown recluses and black widows. pretttty bad ass.

i just googled 'spider', and found this gem :



  1. I like spiders too (as long as they don't "surprise" me and show up when I'm not expecting them)! I always either leave them be or capture them and release them outside. And yes, they always find a way back in!! I often will capture and release because otherwise my kitties will eat them and that makes me sad. :'(

    Spiders are our friends! But I will capture and release ANY insect I find, not just spiders. They don't have egos, so I'm not going to get angry and all egotistical that they are in my house when they are just on survival mode. ya know?

    <3 Manda :)

  2. amanda, i love you. love your sweet comments! haha i know what you mean.. thats the only time i get scared- when a spider surprises me! lol !

    you're right, i should care about the other bugs too. not just the spiders. thanks for the reminder!

    haha egotistical that they're in the house. totally. they're just trying to live, like us.

    xoxo been keeping up on your tumblr. i adore you're writing so much.

  3. HAHAH this is funny!
    I like how you said I miss the spiders, they will be back indeed as pat says.
    What about scorpions? They eat this critters right??

    See you soon!



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