the villa.

hi guys! sorry i've been gone from the blog for a bit. sometimes you just don't have anything really interesting to write about/show photos of. i mean, i probably could have come up with something, but i didn't want to force it.

so what cha think of pat and i's new house? lol. i wish! patrick and i visited pacific palisades this weekend, pretty close to topanga, and we are IN LOVE. i want to live there. ah, it's soo beautiful! super close to the beach and LA, but still has all the incredible canyon beauty of topanga. and most houses sell for at least a million bucks. no prob, right?! ;)

we went on a hike in pac pali and pat and liam were suffering mild dehydration, so we had to turn back somewhat early. haha. after the hike we decided to take a drive to some neighborhoods where the really wealthy live. why not drive up to the street speilberg and whoopi goldberg used to live on?! ok! this road was unreal! it's totally jaw drawing to see how some people live. patrick and i wanted to get out of the car and ask the people in their perfect yards, 'how did you do this? please. we need help. help us do this.' haha. instead of doing that, we saw a sign for an open house and thought, let's check this thing out. nervously we straightened out or clothing, and told each other 'we could be rich. we look fine'... and walked down to the AMAZING 11 million dollar house. pat was wearing his 'utterly fantastic teat puller' farming shirt (oh shit), and the woman realtor commented on it with a laugh pretty quickly. pat was like, umm sorry for the foul shirt, i was just working out. haha, we were good, we go to these kinds of open houses allll the time. ;)

i want that house. so bad. i feel like a greedy sick person, but i must have a house like that. the pool- perfect, the view of their own vineyard, the canyon, and the ocean in the distance- nothing better. the bathroom, oh my gosh, i could live in that bathroom forever. it had a huge stone shower with a big window that opened up to view the vineyard and the ocean. me and the realtor were just like, can you even imagine showering in there?! NO. i can't even imagine. haha, i guess i can, but it's like a dream. the living room was so open and bright, and the 3 dining rooms weren't bad either. downstairs was a pool table, poker table, a wine cellar with vintage wines awaiting, a '53 gibson guitar... and a few steps away from the house there were 2 guesthouses complete with their own kitchen and bathroom. the kitchen was sweet, but if i was rich i would probably redo that whole part. it took us at least a half hour to even walk around the whole place. and it's not that it was all that huge, it was just so interesting and had amazing details.

upon leaving we told the realtor we had a few other places to check out, but we were definitely considering it. yes, i thought, i really am considering this. after leaving the "villa", patrick, liam, and i got some mexican food in town and brainstormed and saw the house lust in each other's eyes. don't get me wrong, i am not a greedy person, but just like most americans we have the dream to own a house someday. it's sad that with the state of the economy, it is harder than ever to make this dream a reality. with our incomes, 30 years ago we could have had a house. but not today. haha, we figured to buy a house like that all i have to do is make 14 times what i make right now. not too bad right?! just make $2000 a day. each. haha. the mortgage for the house is $37,000 a month. HA. HA. HA. can you imagine?

who knows where my life will take me? it's going to be an adventure, this i am sure of. if anything, seeing this house was inspiring. to continue to work hard so one day we can have a house. maybe not that house, but a house where we can have children and live in peace, without worry about making ends meet. and coming home to our humble abode in topanga, i still felt very very happy. because yes, money matters, but what good would it be without love? i know it's a cliche, but i think we can all agree that without love life sucks. i love my life so much, and i feel like i have enough. and of course it's all relative. we live better than some, worse than others. to be happy in the moment while planning for the future is the best i can do.

hope you had a lovely weekend my dears!


  1. So true! Everything you said. Haha. Btw-- it really IS all relative. Every time you post pictures of your little "abodes" you've resided in in Cali, I fall in love with the quaintness, the design, the way YOU guys fill it with your things, and the views! I would die to live like that. So. It's all relative, really. :) <3




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