worth it.

 hi my sweet people. how are you this happy friday night?

purusha's evolution continues.

recently i've had a lot of thoughts about worth. what is my time worth, my work worth?  what are my products worth? what kind of business do i want purusha to become? do i feel confident in my products? do i feel proud of what i do?

today i got down and dirty updating every listing in my etsy shop. oh boy, not something i've been wanting to work on, but it has been long overdue. the reason i knew i had to do it is this 'quality kick' i'm on (i think it's here to stay). what i make has to be the best, at least in my eyes. beautiful presentation, super high quality products, and something i would obviously want to buy. for the past 3 years i've been buying blank white pants from american apparel and dyeing and printing on them. the quality is good. but i want great. so now i have my amazing seamstress nadya helping me, and we make a beautiful amazing quality pant from scratch that i feel really proud of. i've slowly been integrating these new garments into my shop, and i still continued to sell some of my first generation american apparel hand dyed and printed stuff. i kept them listed because i wanted to keep my prices low.

this morning though, i had sort of an epiphany. i'm not a sweatshop and definitely not a factory. each purusha piece is made one at a time, by happy people that are treated well. love, creativity, and positive intentions are sewn, dyed, and printed into every garment. and we work damn hard on them. because it's not a factory, we do it all from home in small batches. so why am i trying to price my clothing like it's made in a factory? why am i trying to be something i'm not, and compete with businesses that are in a different category than me?

sometimes when i got to the fashion district and visit stores that have tons of inventory i feel kinda overwhelmed and sad. just. so. much. stuff. too much. too much crap. and waste. i don't think i ever want to be a really big business. because you lose so much when you go too big. you loose the chance to create a family from the people you hire; knowing them, and knowing what's going on in the work space and in the store. of course i want purusha to be a success, but i don't think i need to go american style-all out-ginormous for that to happen. i have this feeling a lot of people want to go back to buying from small businesses. the economy is rough, but i know i still make that splurge purchase on something i believe is of high quality and is in line with my healthy lifestyle. i actually feel like the less money i have, the more careful i am spending it. i don't spend a little here and there on junk because it adds up and over time i'm just left with poor quality garbage. do you know what i mean?

so now my etsy shop is 100% handmade from scratch purusha pants only. everything is awesome and so soft. the fabrics are thicker than before to last longer and keep from going see through. all pants now have the diamond gusset at the crotch for comfy mobility, i can accommodate different inseam lengths, and pants go up to a size 24. rad! and i just put up an add on listing for organic cotton. when you buy pants and want them made with organic cotton lycra, instead of conventional, you just buy that listing too! so sweet right?!

patrick and i had this talk today about being true to yourself. you don't always know what you want, so sometimes you have to wait and keep working and be patient. you look to others with experience for inspiration, but ultimately you can only create from what feels like your style. today i realized that my style is based highly on simplicity and minimalism. i honestly don't want my customers to buy a ton of clothing! i'd rather they buy a few super lovely long lasting pieces and wear them forever. it just makes so much more sense. only purchase what you need.

this to me, feels like the definition of worth. i strive for everything to just keep getting better and better, i'm dedicated to that goal, and it makes me proud.

have a beautiful high quality weekend!! lots of love to you!


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