coupon websites.

let me start off by saying this photo has nothing to do with my blog post. i just like it. hehe. it's on my street. i thought it would brighten up this topic below!

coupon websites. do you use them? you know, sites like groupon, living social, fab, scout mob... i know a lot of people that do use them, i can't remember if i ever have? i don't think so though.

anyways, i've been getting requests to sell purusha on a few sites at marked down prices. and i feel really torn about it. because : why mark down perfectly amazing stuff? do i want customers that are bargain hunters? why do we always feel like we need a bargain in order to buy something? will selling purusha at discount prices cheapen my brand? or will i get lots of new customers that come back again (not just for the deals)? and why not give deals to the beautiful loyal customers i already have, like through my own site?

as you can see, i have a lot of questions! part of me sees a purchase order and wants to just go for it! but then another part of me knows to be very careful about every choice i make with my business.

so i thought, why not ask you? i would really appreciate any feedback. if you are a small business that's sold on a coupon site, how did it go? do you shop on coupon sites? what do you think of brands on these sites? are you a returning customer, or just stick around for the deal? really anything, any information you can give me is mega huge. big thank you!!!!! xoxo.


  1. If you instinctively feel unsure about it, don't do it. I know lots of yoga studios and small brands that do it, and they end up losing money every time. My home yoga studio has never done any of these coupon sites & they have still developed a strong following. In the end, the decision is yours. I have used sites like that before, and speaking from personal experience, MOST folks that use those sites are looking for a deal - you probably won't see them again. Some do come back, but MOST don't.

  2. Companies typically lose money when they advertise via this route... but that's exactly what it is... advertising. Advertising, where the customer gets a deal out of it. So you will lose some money. The hope is you gain some new customers. But, you have really valid points: a) why not give deals to existing, loyal customers? b) some people just bargain hunt and that's all (honestly, that's the only time I use groupon, social living etc, usually) and c) if you're doing really well; it may not be a necessary route to take. I say follow your gut, as your friend above has said. Also, I can help you brainstorm some advertising/promo ideas if you'd like. I've got some experience in that area ;)

    Amanda <3

  3. Hayley, don't do it. I made the mistake two years ago of putting my shop on "Heartsy" which is like Groupon or Living social for Etsy. At first, it was great having lots of orders and traffic in my usually very humble shop that doesn't get many orders. But after a while, it became very stressful and I regretted having participated in it. I never saw any of those customers again, they were just looking for a bargain. Even though it had been a totally voluntary endeavor, in the end I felt exploited and taken advantage of. Handmade products inherently carry more meaning than mass produced products, and I believe that warrants them respect and value. I would caution against the allure of these "bargain" sites to handmade artisans, because I just don't think they're worth the headache even if you do make money. But I do like the idea of perks and deals to loyal customers! It's always nice to know your business is appreciated!

  4. thank you all SOOOOOOOOOO much for the feedback!!!!!! it has really helped me out with my decision. to not do a coupon site. totally going to do a coupon to the customers i already have.

    thanks again!! your advice is so appreciated!

    much love!




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