all you need is less.

i posted this quote on the purusha fb page today, and i've really been feeling it recently.

every 2 weeks i go to the fashion district in downtown LA. i buy fabrics and supplies and meet up with nadya. we exchange finished orders for the next 2 weeks' orders and supplies. and this makes me feel really good! every week i give nadya more and more work, we are happy working together, and more and more people are wearing purusha! yes! moving forward!

i love shopping around at all the different fabric stores. it's really fun to immerse yourself in colors, textures, ideas... but then there's this whole other part of the fashion district which i honestly kinda hate. just past all the fabric shops are the cheap clothing/shoe/accessory stores. they pretty much sell all the same things: leggings, trendy tops, heels, sunglasses, knock offs of designer things... stuff that is going to break or come apart at the seams in a few months. (not to mention made in terrible conditions overseas, most likely.) as you can see from the photos above, everything is dirt cheap. and, there's obviously a huge demand for it.

this post relates in a way to my previous post. why do we think things should be a bargain? i know we are in a recession, but not having money makes me personally feel like i should be getting by with less. and not less as in i don't have what i need, but less as in i only have a few high quality items instead of lots of crap. ya know?

i was just talking to patrick about how the world basically goes around because of the exploitation of people and animals. most businesses do whatever they can to maximize profit, at the expense of the customer and the employee. wtf?! and it's pretty easy to ignore this as a customer, at first. 'oh these leggings are $10?! they have a pretty label on them and they're in a pretty store where cool music is playing? k. i'll buy them.' and it's hard to avoid buying stuff made my slaves. the computer i'm typing on, the phone i talk on- made in china, by poorly paid slaves. ugh!!!!!! it's such a bummer.

i blame the businesses, but we as consumers have to be educated as well. if there isn't a demand for cheap shit, it won't be manufactured anymore. i know in my generation already there is a movement for change. a lot of people want to buy special things, products that are made in america by people that are passionate about their work. handcrafted products with a story behind them are cool. when i think of the woman i'd like to be, i imagine someone that values quality over quantity, living a lifestyle that reflects her core values. it's definitely not easy with all the mass produced garbage out there, but i'm going to do the best i can.

whenever i pull onto topanga canyon blvd after visiting the fashion district, i just feel, aaah. open space, mountains, birds singing. then stepping in our front door and not being bombarded by useless items (there's only so much you can fit in a studio apartment! so that helps!) is a relief. little by little we find we don't need as much as we thought.

i want to find a way for this minimalist mentality to transfer into my brand, into purusha. i don't want you to buy too much purusha. lol. that might be a weird thing to say business-wise. but i do want you in the highest quality forms of purusha! or your wardrobe is only purusha, that would work. haha just kidding... kinda. well, it's a journey. i'll keep travelling towards my vision. i am so glad, because you must be reading this, that you are travelling with me.

thank you, and namaste.


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