fashion for freedom.

ok you guys. i know there have been a lot of somewhat serious topic posts this week. i guess that's where my head's been at. today i had a revelation.

i'm starting a non-profit that works with purusha. it's going to be called fashion for freedom. basically it's going to be an organization that raises money for the health, well being, and ethical treatment of employees in clothing factories, as well as spreading education about sweatshops to consumers, supporting brands that support fair trade, and just an increased overall awareness to everyone involved that we need to care about where our clothing comes from.

i've said this probably like 10 times on my blog already, but i think buying clothing made ethically should be right up there with buying organic food. we are ready for this change. the exploitation of humans and our planet for the fast fashion of my generation is not acceptable.

i'm going to begin with making a collection of t shirts with phrases on them that go along with fashion for freedom's mission. and we'll take it from there. the wheels are turning. i think this is going to be amazing!

if you have any ideas for me that would be awesome too! i'd love some feedback.

thank you! have a beautiful freedom filled weekend! xo.


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