beauty of discipline.

{a quick word about the above photos. no, i am not worried or stressed in the first picture. this is my resting face, a face of oddities. i have no control over it. and yes, liam has green eyes as his vision degenerates. aren't they beautiful? and last photo, one of my many many lists of sorts.}

now that we got that disclaimer out of the way... on to my most serious blog post! this morning in my meditation i thought about living with purpose. what if i could spend a day witnessing each movement, each action... and see if they are within my purpose? and by purpose i mean the things that make up my goals and my dreams. and let go of the rest. it sounds like it should be easy doesn't it? it's not. what's easy is going on autopilot, and sliding into habits that are useless. everyday i have a list of stuff to do. most days i don't cross off everything. i've learned to be ok with that, but only if i tried my best. it's not ok if i didn't finish my work because i got distracted by facebook, blogs, sleeping in, and watching game of thrones. (i allow for these things on the weekends. trust me, i am a very different person on the weekends. hehe!) it's a challenge to be observant, it requires so much discipline. my habitual instincts are to rush, to struggle, to procrastinate. these actions do lot allow room for peace and gratitude. know what does? their exact opposite! haha! to take the time you need, to find ease, and to create space and time by removing distractions.. these actions are aligned with fulfilling my purpose. and they are within our reach... like anything else, all it takes is practice. practice. recreating and restructuring habits are life altering movements. i am working on illuminating these new habits within my day. 

today i have plans, and i want to be 100% engaged in my plans. as i run, dye clothing, clean, package orders, prepare my taxes... it is my wish and my work to breathe deep, to notice signals in my body, to be focused and present, feel the gratitude, and let go of the unnecessary thoughts and distractions. will i be perfect? hell no. but here's to trying, always practicing, and moving forward. namaste.


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