my heart filled offer to you.

happy friday my friends! how are you??

this post, i haven't really been wanting to write. i'll just get right to it. purusha has grown tremendously in the past few months, and i honestly couldn't be happier and more proud! but with growth i think comes problems. the success road is never a straight forward line, it's lots of ups and downs.

so our problem here in purusha land has been seams. ripping seams. this is 100% unacceptable, and it makes me feel like a terrible failure. i have bad dreams about it. as nadya and i have branched out, working with a wide variety of fabrics, we've learned that not all fabrics can be sewn the same way. and when making fitness pants, seams better be sturdy. and not all threads are created equal. we are currently replacing all our threads as well as reinforcing ALL seams on all pants with an additional stitch paired with the original seam, for double reinforcement.

i just want what we to create to be, well, perfect. and loved and treasured for years and years. if you are paying $98 for pants, you better be getting some f-in amazing kick ass pants! so i'm not wallowing in this setback, or dwelling on it, we are correcting it right now. i want to once again extend the offer to all of my customers from past, present, and future that if you ever have a problem with your clothing, we will fix it for you. either by repairing it or completely replacing it. i want you to love your clothing, wear it often, and come back for more someday. i want purusha to be a quality brand you rely on, and get what you are paying for.

so, with all my heart, i welcome you to email me at if any of your clothing has a seam problem, or the dreaded fading design of the mermaid pants that has happened before i switched fabrics. we would be more than happy to take care of your clothing for you.

thank you so much everyone for sticking by purusha, believing in my vision, and supporting an indie usa made business. i am forever grateful and i love you!

have a very happy weekend!!! sending you loads of love and gratitude!!! xoxo.


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