earth day.

happy earth day my loves! hope you got to spend a little time outdoors today enjoying our sacred mama earth! i went on a sweet hike with my lovely friends jessica at Lux Divine Jewelry :).

and i've been doing a lot of thinking... ha what else is new!? think, think, think! sometimes, it works! i've been thinking about my fabrics more and more recently. i want to very soon convert my entire shop to organic cottons, bamboo, modals, and hemp. wouldn't that be rad?! AND they have to be eco-friendly fabrics that aren't from stinkin' china. lol. because then we don't know if they are really organic or ethical at all! and ideally, once i find the right connection, i would love to have all my fabrics purchased from fair trade and very transparent industries, so we can all see the steps from farm (or plant when it comes to bamboo and modal) to weaving to knitting to nayda sewing to me printing. i want the whole process to be visible to you and me! what cha think? purusha garments will be SO special.

have a really happy and peaceful evening! namaste.


  1. Fantastic! You have such a great product already, and it would be even better after this transition! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Do it! Those sound like the happiest yoga pants ever! :)



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