find that fabric!

hello my dears! how are you?

SO these pants. people have been going nuts over them after just seeing the a photo of them crumpled in a pile near some other clothing. when i first spotted this fabric i died, knew i had to create something from it. AND it's viscose. eco friendly and gorgeous, doesn't get much better than that! nadya and i designed this one pair seen above for tracee to model. i only bought enough fabric for one pair of pants, 'cause i had seen that fabric many times at the store, and didn't think it was going anywhere. damn i'm kicking myself now. i should have bought all they had!!!! ARGHHH! because now they are out, and can't reorder. all they can tell me is 'it's been discontinued.' i am mega bummed. i was sooo excited to make more of these bad boys. 

i'm writing to ask for anyone's help! i've spent hours on the internet searching everything i know about this fabric, with no luck. i'm afraid these will have to be the only pants like this. if you are able to help me find the fabric i will make you a pair of these pants (or any pants!) for FREE. i bought the fabric at michael levine in LA, it's viscose, and has tiny lettering on the print that says 'byblos'. that's all i know. please please help!!!!! i will be eternally grateful. and now i know when i find a fabric i like, to snatch up at least a bolt of it. lesson learned. thank you everyone! let's make these pants!!! xoxo.


  1. i love you hayley. the dreams you have made become possible. your determination and hard work. you have come so far and it's beautiful. you are making a difference in this world. by the way, when you find this fabric, let me know, i will order a pair. xoxo



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