going organic.

hi!! hope you are having a really lovely day today. i just got back from hiking with liam, listening to the birds sing and feeling the sunshine on my shoulders. whenever i go outside for a bit alone, not running, but taking the time to notice my surroundings and reflect on my life's plans, i come to new realizations. today i had this crazy idea... what if i changed all my cotton pants in my shop to organic cotton? as well as all tanks and tees? if i find the right fabric and buy enough of it, i think i wouldn't even have to raise the prices in my store. i'm figuring out where to buy right now, and ordering some swatches! going outside and breathing in the universe's breath, i can't help but be drawn to have as ethical of a business as possible. i just want to live as purely as i can, and i want my business to reflect that. i also want what you buy to be as guilt free as possible, just an all around beautiful happily made product. with only pesticide free fabrics touching your skin. makes sense. and as my business keeps growing, i really hope to find a connection to a fair trade organic fiber farm with a fair trade weaving mill... and be able to visit and document the whole thing! that would be amazing!! but, little by little. one step a time. all good things will come if i keep taking the small steps. i say this a lot, but thank you for the thousandth time my customers. you've been with me since the beginning, believing in purusha and the path its on. ah i'm so grateful! within the next few weeks, i'm thinking big changes are on the horizon for purusha! organic for life! xoxo.


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