fashion for freedom part II

hello! happy friday my friends!

tooting my own horn over here, but really, i'm so happy to tell you about my new 'fashion for freedom' page on the website. please check it out here --> fashion for freedom. i'm totally excited to see where purusha goes. yesterday i joined the ethical fashion forum and i am blown away and overwhelmed with how many resources there are out there! a lot of people are working to make the garment industry a more sustainable and humane practice. i have so much to learn, it's beautiful!

one really cool thing i learned is, change begins with the brands. country's governments won't force better conditions in garment factories because they want to remain globally competitive, and consumers not buying from these brands often causes companies to seek even cheaper labor to make more profit! crazy! BUT we as consumers can decide whether we want to have to have that sort of sadness and exploitation on our consciences when we vote with our dollar. AND we can write letters to companies, or sign petitions. we have more power than we think we do.

as the owner of a brand, i have full control over how i plan to sustain ethical business practices. this is amazing to me. i can choose my own loving, responsible, respectful, compassionate clothing manufacturing adventure. everyone wins!

i don't want us to wait until another building collapses and kills 250 people. we have to educate and prevent these unnecessary atrocities. the disaster in bangladesh and this video (it's a tear jerker) really cemented my resolve to not buy clothing from companies that don't promote their ethically run factories. 

i know it's nearly impossible to live in the world today and not buy products from exploited slave labor, but i'm going to do the best i can with what i have. i'm obviously not perfect, this computer i'm typing on was made by exploited people. it's awful. so we do our best! i know this is a heavy post for a friday, but what i plan for purusha makes me so happy! so i'm focusing on that! i feel really peaceful and blessed today, and i want to share my luck with as many people as possible. 

have a joyous weekend my loves! xo!



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