long time.

you guys! i can't believe i went a week without blogging! so sad! i've missed you!

i've just been SO busy. too busy. i'm lucky, i keep reminding myself... but running your own business is f-in' hard!! it's just non-stop, no end in sight. ever. haha. this week i've been working on 35 orders! i know (and hope) someday i'll look back and think... oh, only 35 orders?! but i suppose for now it seems daunting because it's still just lil ol' me and nadya. 

i try to keep things in perspective though, like being busy is a trillion times better than struggling and not having any business at all. i'm super blessed, that's for sure. just tired. just tired and in need of perhaps a sleep in day, a long lazy meal, and some time to work in the garden. {our amazingly kind and sweet landlord tomi is sharing her garden beds with us! lots of planting is scheduled for tomorrow!}

anywho, my brain is fried. hence the no writing in a week. my head has been in order mode for the past 5 days. not much else to say! lol!

what keeps me going, so hard, is all of your loving support. when i feel exhausted, i just look to your feedback and kind words from my beautiful customers. i started a page on my website called 'love letters'. i've compiled a few of my favorite messages from you angel gals, they mean so much to me. i hope you don't mind i posted. if you want me to remove your name or entire comment or anything, please please let me know! and if you have anything you'd like to contribute i would be SO STOKED! it makes my week. feel free to post on the purusha facebook page or here on the blog and i will paste the comment to the love letters. thank you with all my heart!

hope you all have a glorious weekend! sending you so much goodness and light! xo.


  1. aw, yay! i love that my feedback made it onto your 'love letters' page :) i feel honored

    p.s. i just got home from a trip to anaheim--wasn't too far from you!



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