happy birthday to my M.O.M. !

M.O.M. haha it's funny how that name stuck. one time when i was freaking out as a child at something, i shouted to my mom, "M-O-M!!!!", like spelled it out. ridiculous. but my dear M.O.M. i am so so happy today is your special day, and i'm so lucky you're my mama. i can't stop thinking about you right now. i sure miss you, but know we can celebrate when i visit in may! yay!

as the years go by, you seem to grow more and more funny, beautiful, and open hearted. you are turning into an angel woman, i swear! i so hope and wish to someday be as laid back, creative, fearless, and sweet as you maother (no, that's not a typo. it's pronounced maw-other) :). thank you for giving me life, for inspiring me each day to keep going for my dreams, and for giving me a safe place to be my weird self with you my whole life. i still often think back to when i was little... to my favorite part of the day, laying in bed with you reading books and playing with my stuffed animals, and making mr. snowman turn his head in that funny way. we had so many laughs and so much fun in our dream world. when you hugged me i wanted to just live in your arms forever. as i grew into a teenager, i used to feel embarrassed that i was a child for so long, that i played make believe and cried at sleepovers to go home to you until i was 13. but now when i look back at my life i am just beyond grateful to you mom for playing with me and encouraging me to take my time in growing up. i feel like i've led a life that has been full in all is phases, from child to adult. you are such a great mom. one of my biggest dreams is to be as wonderful of a mother as you've always been to me.

and there's still a big part of me that wants to live in your hugs forever. oh geez i'm crying now just thinking about it. we're such criers aren't we?

i know you are really enjoying your day today and i'm so glad you are constantly surrounded by love. makes sense, love attracts love. oh mama, can't say i love you enough! happy birthday!


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