happy in los angeles.

dress raggedy threads, boots thrifted from etsy, bag wendy foster, sunglasses salvation army, earrings gather, gemstone cuff similar lux divine.

i had such a fun weekend, thanks to our new friends katie and steve. {katie is my amazing photographer for most of my purusha shoots! see her site --> here!} of course for some reason when i am having the most fun and adventures and just overall new experiences, often i completely forget to take photos. ah well, it's all up in my head stored away safely :). 

we visited our friends in the arts district in LA and they were kind enough to give us a tour of the area. you know how there are some people that just blow you away with their boundless creativity and uniqueness? yet they are humble and kind?? rare people indeed! as are katie and steve. when i walked into their loft- just WOW. wow. every corner held a treasure that i was fascinated with and had about a million questions about. beautiful gemstones, succulents, gorgeous artwork, old maps, incredible thrift store finds i know i would have trembled with excitement upon finding!, rustic chic furniture, a large collection of inspiring books i could get lost in for years, the prettiest white tibetan bowl, and of course loads of beautiful photography fill their living space. we had a beer on the roof and looked out on los angeles. {living in topanga, i feel like patrick and i have so much exploring to do in the city, and lately i've just been craving and enjoying the endless exploration of our city of angels.}

i truly cherished our "LA" experience this weekend. and i fully dig the undiscoveredness of the arts-warehouse district of LA. i could definitely live there. our journey began with amazing sausages {mine vegetarian} at wurstkuche, then lots of exploring of some pretty awesomely unique little shops and boutiques on our way to little tokyo. after walking off the sausages we got THE BEST mochi balls i've ever had. yum!!! i got vanilla, so underrated and amazing. the highlight of my day was finding the above dress at raggedy threads, a vintage boutique that is not insanely overpriced, which is always awesome. when i saw it, i just knew it had been waiting for me and would fit me perfectly. don't you just love when that happens? gah! it reminds me of cindy brady! haha! {p.s. i AM wearing shorts under this little thing! yikes!} i also got another effin sweet little top there from hungary in the 1940's! i will surely be posting myself in it soon! what else did i buy? i got douglas fir needle tip tee by juniper ridge (heaven! we all drank some back at katie and steve's after our "urban foraging" as steve called it!), woodsy incense in cedar, balsam, hickory and the like, a super cute tee for patrick from poketo, and i had to stop there. hehe! {trust me, despite my somewhat rigid standards of what i can buy (ethical mostly), this girl can still shop!} i really love walking around cities. ah, new places ya know? a feast for the senses! later on we got some pretty delicious pizza right near katie and steve's place and ate it at a sweet little homey bar with a beer. perfect. the whole day through.

so yeah! i am renewed and inspired! and i have a whole list of things i NEED to have in my life that katie and steve have {hello tibetan bowl and lazer star projector?! i die!} it's funny what a new surrounding will do to your mind, right? i'm inspired to thrift store shop more thanks to katie and steve {hence my thrifted outfit today!}, and inspired to explore LA every single weekend. YES! why not?! yippee! i love my life. :)



  1. I love that outfit! So cute. I am loving the feelings of being renewed and inspired - nothing better! : )Glad you had a lovely weekend, thanks for sharing!

    1. thank you sweet lady!! and thanks for reading :) i hope you had a lovely weekend as well :) {p.s.! love your doggie sooo!} xo



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