a question on creating.

pants purusha, top purusha, earrings + ring lux divine,  shoes nisolo.

it seems like the clothing i design with the most abandon, like almost on a whim, is the clothing people resonate with the most. it's crazy to me, some pieces i spend hours and days brainstorming on, and then once these garments are brought to life it's just... crickets. the clothing that i make, i don't want to say carelessly, but it almost is without concern of the outcome, just going on instinct, usually always ends up being the most popular garments. like these pants above, the sea of cortez leggings. i walked into a small shop in the LA fashion district and my eyes went right to this fabric. i had no plans to make more new metallic leggings, yet somehow i ended up lugging 15 yards out of there. it's kinda surprising/frustrating?/ingenious that these hasty clothing design decisions end up being the winners. the mermaid II leggings, irezumi leggings, the beautiful tee, gypsy leggings, and now the sea of cortez leggings are all some of purusha's biggest hits, and they were all made with little planning. it's like they've evolved on their own accord. this makes me think, go with your gut. i mean, not all the time of course, some clothing does require mega planning and there's no way around it. and some clothing that i did imagine and work on for a long time has been popular too of course. it's not all one way or the other. but it definitely makes me rethink the way i create. what do you think? do your best creations come from your gut instinct rather than a meticulously planned idea? i'm interested to know! much love :).


  1. so very true. some of my favorite art pieces were created from that space of very little thinking or rules. i like to think of creativity as something that you to surrounded to, to let it flow out naturally rather than logically trying to construct it.

    p.s. I've been a purusha fan from the beginning and am inspired by the evolution it's taken. You took one little idea and kept running with it. I like that :)



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