millions of paths to peace.

yoga bra V (my favorite!)

just lil 'ol me again with a few new pieces in the shop. i hope you like! i've been living in these bright funky bras in my workouts recently. they are super comfy and supportive. 

and what are my workouts recently anyways? i've changed up my routine quite a bit in the past 6 months. i used to run and do yoga, that's it. now i go to the gym and take weight classes, do restorative yoga, hike, and run a little on the side. my body and mind are really enjoying the change. it's funny, i didn't even notice how stagnant my entire being had become as i turned into a slave for my worn out regimen. i just thought, i have to do hardcore yoga all the time. patrick and i laugh at the old yogi sergeant i was, like i was in some sort of cult. i thought yoga was the only way to happiness and a healthy body. i was obsessed with "difficult" yoga poses and i shunned the gym like a fundamental religious person does an atheist. i thought if i backed off my yoga routine i would be lost to the world, or something like that. haha so silly, why so serious? i think i finally found a part of myself i had been missing in my high pressure yoga lifestyle. the part of me that's open to different activities as a route to peace and awareness. yoga is a path, but there are millions of paths. i've said this in my blog before, but i now cherish my yoga practice more than ever. it's simple, it's whatever i need it to be that day. it might be just meditation, cat and cow, down dog. it might be a vinyasa. i don't even attempt flying pigeon or one legged crow or grasshopper anymore because it doesn't feel right. my ego no longer needs that satisfaction. i love and embrace triangle pose. one legged down dog, a simple seated twist more than i ever have. advanced asana works for many, and i am in no way saying it's bad for others, it just wasn't good for me. it's not what i need right now. and who knows, maybe someday i'll come back to it.

so big cheers to finding what we need right now, and being open to the endless possibilities on the millions of roads to happiness and peace! namaste.


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