new dress.

hello! how are you?

this weekend patrick, liam, and i had a date :). we needed a reason for me to wear my new dress! this dress is my very first piece of "designer" clothing. it's by missoni. i've been admiring their stuff for a long while now, and i didn't have to spend a fortune on it! {ha i couldn't have anyways ;)}. i got it from this sweetly addictive site called shop-hers, where girls can basically set up shop and sell there new or gently worn designer clothing with awesome mark downs. this pretty silk dress was a steal, aaah i jut love it! 

on saturday we all went to the blue table in calabasas, one of our favorite european style casual but charming lunch spots, where we love to get a bottle of wine, paninis, and a yummy cookie. my dress made me feel like a sophisticated woman, let me tell you. i love how special clothes can make you feel like a different person, it's so cool.

then we headed to home depot. yes, home depot. because i've been wanting to get some new plants and pot them. on the way into the store, liam on his leash charging forward in excitement, patrick playfully started making fun of me... all dressed up in my missoni about to get down and dirty in the plants section with a yellow lab. {by the way, more errands to places like staples and rite aid followed. very glamorous, i know.} somehow purusha and work and errands seem to seep into most of our dates... even the conversation inevitably goes to my business often, and brainstorming new ideas. patrick is such a beautiful man though, he always listens, cares, and gives me his input. he's like my consultant.

anyways, that was my saturdee, and it sure was nice! sunday was mostly fun work, planning for purusha's fall line photo shoot this week! i am SOOO excited to share everything!

love you all! namaste.


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