the internet.

Sometimes I hate the internet.

It's a world where you can put your best self on display, only showing people the pretty parts of your life. It's a world where people get discovered for doing really cool shit, but also get famous for not really doing anything at all. We think we know people because of what they post, and are even friends with people we've never met in "real life".

And I'm kinda really disillusioned with it all. Don't get me wrong, I run an online clothing shop, so I can say I adore some women I've never met. Like, customers and friends from my website and from social media feel SO kindred to me. But I really want more than that. I want to exist in the physical world with you guys. I feel like so much gets lost in the text, in the photos. I want to see you face to face, and build a business beyond this screen. I want more than a virtual reality. I want a real reality.

The internet and real life are such a balance. The web is obviously a huge tool to build your business and connect with people, but it leaves me with a void. I'm longing to develop photos in a dark room (remember those?!) rather than post on instagram, to go on a hike with customers and friends rather than interact with them over email, read books and not facebook comments, and do or create something really cool without feeling the need to document it and share it with everyone on the internet.

That's the really big one for me. What if you make an incredible meal, travel to a new place, meet someone you admire, and don't instagram it!? (Did it really happen then?! Haha!) But for real, I'm truly examining this post-internet part of my brain to see why the frick it is that I want to share share share. I have some friends that don't have much going on social media wise, and crap do I admire that. It's kinda brave in today's society to not be a part of this.

And then you see those people that post everything about their lives on the internet, and that in itself must be such a challenge. Because you are totally vulnerable to all those anonymous people that write dick comments to you, or even non-anonymous people that just want to drag you into their negativity. It's enough to make me want to protect and hide my personal life and only share with people that know and love me.

Balance seems to be always the game of life. Trying to bring it back to the balance. I've met some truly beautiful and kind people because of the internet, I wouldn't have a job without the internet!!! So yeah, I'm extremely grateful for it. It just needs to be moderated for me, that's for sure. It needs to be kept in perspective, and I need to be reminded that it's not reality.

If you have any suggestions on how you find balance between the virtual world and the real world I would love to hear them! And then please, let's get off the computer ;). Xoxo.

Oh! And if you live in the LA area and want to be friends in real life, I'd love to be friends and do something! Email me:


  1. I've been kicking these same thoughts over in my head. I'm trying to work out a good "screen time cap" because it seems I'm always typing an email or checking my phone for comments and messages and the eye strain that comes with being constantly connected to the web in some way is really awful. It's just too much information to be absorbing so often. I notice that on days where I don't check Facebook or email first thing in the morning, I have more cognitive space for decision making or inspiration. The social aspect really complicates things too! It seems no one ever calls or writes anymore. I have 3 good friends that write to pretty regularly and I'm so thankful for it. There's nothing quite like getting hand-written letters! I hope you can find ways to balance this complicated life. Not in LA but maybe I will be one day! :)




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