my pregnancy journal : 5

How far along?
24 weeks tomorrow :)

How big is the peanut?
Over a lb now, and a foot long!

Total weight gain/loss?
I'm not sure, but I would guess 15 lbs.

Maternity clothes?
REALLY need maternity shorts! Cute ones. They are really hard to find. Anyone have any suggestions? Still rocking my yoga clothes, but some of my Purushas with elastic in the waist are getting uncomfortable. I'm still wearing a lot of dresses from pre-preg, but they are MUCH shorter now because of my ass and stomach and boobs. Ha!


Still great. Love sleeping so much. Favorite part of my day! I've definitely been feeling more tired than usual, and it does feel harder to change positions while laying down. Also my legs feel more swelling at the end of the day so I put them up on pillows sometimes while sleeping, or Patrick will hold them in the air and move them around for me which is heaven.

Best moment this week?
It's pretty awesome to see him kicking from outside my stomach! I can just look down now when I feel some big kicks and see my stomach having a party! It's very cute! Also got a few baby shower gifts in the mail which continues to make things more real. I am so grateful to receive presents for the little one, each means SO much to me and I know I will think of who gave it each time I use it. I'm getting excited to set up his room too!

So much kicking!!! Sometimes when I'm out in public and wearing something tight I feel like people must see the kicking! Speaking of being out in public, I've definitely noticed people taking more kindly to me and smiling and wanting to say something. There was this sweet woman in Whole Foods a week or so ago and she told me I looked 'sooo cute', which kinda meant the world to me. Anyone out there that wants to offer a compliment to a pregnant woman and isn't sure to say anything- PLEASE DO! Sometimes I just feel so un-cute and sticky and just FAT, so for a stranger to compliment me is so incredibly sweet. I ran into the same woman at Whole Foods this week and again she told me how cute I was. Again, she made my week. Thank you kind lady! What else... I think I am bigger all over, my body hair grows much more slowly (amazing!), and swelling in my legs.

Food cravings?
Nah, I don't think so. I'm trying to make sure I don't overdo it with sweets. And also trying to just eat more wholesome- lots of fruit, dairy, grains, meat, nuts. I could do better with eating more vegetables.

Food aversions?
No way!

Labor signs?

Belly button in or out?
Still in! But it feels very tight and firm when I touch my belly button.

What I miss?
Saison beers, GOD. So good when it's hot out. Fitting into cute clothes. I miss feeling sexy and fit. But like I've said, none of that compare to carrying a child.

What I'm looking forward to?
I think I might get to go into a pool today at a BBQ so I'm excited about that! But a little self conscious about my body... Eh nothing I can do there. Looking forward to setting up his room!

I suppose a milestone for ME, not the baby, is listening to my body. It's weird to not push yourself in your work, your workouts, and day to day activities. It's pretty crazy that my body is now boss and I can't force anything. When I was running the other day I kept getting super intense cramps (not labor cramps, just trapped air), so I had to walk. And be ok with that. That's a challenge for me, to change my plans and give in to my body's requests. It's definitely a special time in my life, this whole being pregnant thing, and everyday I learn something new about my body and mind.

I'm pretty sure I've officially crossed the threshold for people knowing I'm pregnant! Whoa! The bump is in clear view!!

How are you bonding with your baby?
The daily meditation with him is wonderful still. I need to work on singing more to him and playing his song. And playing music in general. But I've been super on top of my yoga practice and taking the time to connect to him mentally. Feeling his kicks all day is a constant reminder that, 'Hey! I'm here mama!' I'm just picturing a miniature Patrick in there, joking around and having fun. He's so precious already.

Happy 4th of July!


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