pants c/o wildfox, top coming soon to purusha!

hi friends! how are you? how was your 4th? 

mine? i worked! haha! but only because my mom is in CA right now and i MUST have time off this weekend to see her. so i tried as best i could to hunker down on independence day and get 'er done! let me tell you, it's really really hard to work when you know pretty much the whole country is not working, and eating well, celebrating, and playing with fireworks. so i dyed some clothing and sewed, but also made a great meal with patrick in the early evening. we made burgers on the grill {mine salmon burgers of course!}, homemade fries {homemade fries are the best and SO easy! just cut up potatoes and salt and oil the heck out of them!}, grilled corn on the cob, kale salad with avocado, and my favorite- the cheapest cupcakes from whole foods. i don't know what it is, perhaps nostalgia for childhood birthday parties, but i just love a really plain super sugary vanilla cupcake. just... YUM! so that right there, made my whole day just a-ok! and we even got to listen to some fireworks. yes, listen. they were nearby, but because of these blasted mountains, we couldn't see them. fireworks are not that fun to hear and not see. ;) oh yeah, and we watched karate kid II. and what do you know, i cried during it. typical. ralph macchio, i kinda love you.

today, i'm working once more on a lovely batch of orders, with many breaks for leftover cupcakes, mind you. hope you have a happy and relaxing weekend! x.


  1. those pants look super cozy. and you and your dog. ah! always the cutest :)



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